THF Grant Recipients

4 thoughts on “THF Grant Recipients

  1. Nate Rheingold

    Hey Tony and friends,
    I am 12 years old and I skate in NYC (Tompkins, LES). I’m visiting Los Angeles and looking for sick skate spots and skateparks. I was wondering if you guys have helped build any in Cali . Also, do you have any specific parks you like best? I skate mostly street.
    Thanks for your thoughts! Keep shredding,
    N8 Rheingold

  2. Lester Norris

    I would like a list of agencies who have recived Tony Hawk Foundation grant money in the last couple of years.

  3. Drew Davison

    I live in Milan TN. To see a skate park here would be amazing, many locals would enjoy the addition. When I was younger The YMCA in Milan attempted to receive funding for a park but then decided to not build one. Skateboarding is much more popular not then it was when they began funding. I dont expect a response but if I do get one I am willing to follow through to get a park in my home town.

  4. christy ashcraft

    My name is Christy Ashcraft and I am Committee Chair for Boy Scout Troop 639. We were discussing to try to get grant to build a skate park as a Eagle project or just build one as a troop, but we were needing more information on how to get grants and how to go about the whole issue. I would like you to help us out on some helpful information. We live in Hardy, Arkansas and there is not much for our youth to do and we want to improve this for our youth. We are looking at it as way to keep more youth out of trouble and help with their health. I am a coach at Curves and believe this would help with getting a youth into shape, healthier, and all around happier they have a place to go have fun and relax. We as a Committee believe that our youth is a very important part of our future. Please help us in anyway possible. Thank you!


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