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Posted: January 27, 2011

Opportunities abound at the Tony Hawk Foundation.


The Tony Hawk Foundation has begun 2011 with a plan to expand its services to skatepark advocates across the U.S. Communities striving to build free, public skateparks may now apply for grants to help build their parks. And talented individuals with a passion for skatepark development have the chance to apply for either of two staff positions at the Tony Hawk Foundation.

The Spring skatepark-grant season is currently underway. Applications for grants to help fund the construction of public skateparks are being accepted through March 1, 2011. The application form, as well as details regarding applicant criteria, can be accessed in the Skatepark Grants section of the Tony Hawk Foundation Web site.

The Foundation is also currently accepting résumés from candidates for two positions

Programs Manager: The Programs Manager is responsible for a range of administrative and research tasks, assisting the Executive Director, managing day-to-day operations, responding to inquiries from skatepark advocates (e-mail, phone), and performing other related duties. For more information about the Programs Manager position at the Tony Hawk Foundation, or to submit a résumé, please visit

Development Associate: The Development Associate manages and updates the master THF donor database, sends donor acknowledgements, and is responsible for the Foundation’s direct-mail program. The Development Associate assists with managing special fundraising events, including the procurement of auction-item donations, coordinating sponsorship fulfillment, maintaining event registration lists, processing donations, and serving as liaison for THF donors and sponsors. As a THF staff member, this position facilitates the Foundation’s overall fundraising efforts. For more information about the Development Associate position at the Tony Hawk Foundation, or to submit a résumé, please visit

Both opportunities are for in-house positions at the Foundation’s Vista, California office. Applicants must live in Southern California and apply for each position via the links posted above. Please do not contact the Tony Hawk Foundation office directly regarding the positions or résumé submissions. The deadline to submit a résumé for either position is 5 PM, Monday, January 31, 2011. Each applicant will be contacted after that date.

Public Skatepark Development Guide

Public Skatepark Development Guide
Second Edition Released!

The Public Skatepark Development Guide, the indispensable handbook for public-skatepark advocates, is now available in an updated and improved second edition. First published in 2007 by the Tony Hawk Foundation, Skaters For Public Skateparks, and the International Association of Skateboard Companies, the ultimate guide for community-skatepark advocates was available for free, and supplies quickly disappeared. The new 128-page second edition features updated information and expanded chapters, including skatepark vision, advocacy, fundraising, design, and management, plus several supplements and visual aids.

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