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10-06-07 – Tony Hawk with Youth from Compton, California on-stage at Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground Stand Up For Skateparks in Beverly Hills, California, where he helped raise over $60,000 for their community skatepark. The Compton, California skatepark will open in December 2008. Photo: Jody Morris/© Tony Hawk Foundation

07 11 Tony presents Compton check

11-27-07 – Tony Hawk with officials from Compton, California, presenting a check for $60,500 to assist in the construction of their community skatepark. The Tony Hawk Foundation also awarded Compton a skatepark grant for $10,000 in 2006, bringing the foundation’s total contribution to $70,500. The Compton skatepark opened 6/27/09. Photo Miki Vuckovich/© Tony Hawk Foundation